8 Block Formula to Start Your Internet Business – With No Money In Your Pockets

"I have no money to invest in my internet business" – I can hear you saying.

If you say this, you are in one out of these 2 situations …

1. You seriously have no money to spend. I can understand this situation as I was at the same place when I got started.

2. You have money, but you are not willing to invest in your internet business and take some risk to get started. This simply means that you are not serious enough to get started.

You are just giving your internet business career a try, but are not determined to get started.

This article is for those who seriously lack money but are completely determined to get started and put in all the efforts to make things work.

Congratulations, you are just like me. I too lacked money. Infact I started my internet business career when I was in college with no help and no money in pockets even to purchase a domain name and a hosting account.

In fact it was even difficult for me to pay my ISP charges at that time. Now the days are gone and now is the condition where I am running my own hosting server and providing services to my clients sitting from the comfort of my home.

But this article is NOT for me. It is for YOU. I will show you step by step how you can get started with your own internet business in next 2 days without spending a dime and then once you make some money, you will happily invest it in your internet business and grow it step by step as I did it.

So here YOU go with your no-cost internet marketing blueprint …

Step 1 – Product Research.

You need something to sell to make money. To get started I would advise you to join a quality affiliate program in the niche you are interested in and start promoting other people's products.

There are thousands of affiliate programs where you can join for free and get started. Here's a popular affiliate directory where you can search for affiliate programs that you can promote … http://www.associateprograms.com

Step 2 – Create an Ecourse.

Create a simple 10 day ecourse relating to your niche. You will provide this ecourse to your subscribers for free. Provide quality information in your ecourse and include your affiliate links in it.

Step 3 – Create a Simple Minisite.

Just move on to freesitetemplates.com and grab a template out there to create a simple minority.

You can also get some cool mini creation softwares like 'Instant Site Maker' and 'Web Page O Matic' on the net for free if you search them on Google.com

This will help you to create a one page where where you will include your optin offer and get your visitors to signup as leads and then follow them up with your ecourse.

Step 4 – Setup Your Autoresponder.

You can get free autoresponder service at freeautobot.com and getresponse.com.

Include your ecourse in the autoresponder system to follow up your subscribers.

Step 5 – Get A Home For Your Website.

You will need a hosting and domain name for your website. There are many sites that will give you a free hosting account but they will place ads on your site. One of them is geocities.com.

Also to shorten your hosting url you can use cjb.net which will help you to get a cool name for your site like yourname.cjb.net.

Step 5 – Track Your Visitors.

You can use a free service like statcounter.com to track your website statistics and visitors coming to your website.

Step 6 – Get Targeted Traffic to Your Site.

There are a number of free ways you can use to promote your website. Some of the top ways in my list includes …

1. Writing and submitting articles to article directories like EzineArticles.com and goarticles.com.

2. Participating in discussion forums in your niche.

Step 7 – Re-Invest Your Profits.

Once you start making money reinvest your profits to get a hosting account, domain name, autoresponder service, website design software and make sure you invest in your internet marketing education.

Do this till you are completely up and ready with your internet business, after which you can start using part of your profits for your personal enjoyment and expenses.

Step 8 – Keep Yourself Educated.

Visit article directories like ezinearticles.com and read latest articles in various topics to learn more and more promotion tactics that you can use to make more money out of your website.

This is a simple game plan that you can use to start your internet business without investing a single penny and make your internet dreams come true.

Source by Murtuza Abbas

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