Accounting Outsourcing Companies: Advantages and Disadvantages

Accounting is a very important requirement in the business world but due to its high professional and difficulty level and the reasons for outsourcing, most companies especially small ones use it for financial records. To alleviate the problem of accounting in a company accounting outsourcing companies are established and their primary job is to shift the burden of financial accounting challenge to their professional neck to deliver high quality and cheaper accounting services.

Businesses especially small ones needs accounting records if not their financial position will become a mess. Because a company success is primarily based on the ability of evaluating their liability / access, income and expenditure positions, therefore, instability of ascertaining this will create a problem in the present and the future. In other words, without knowing the liability and access of a company or her income and expenditure, companies will not be able to know their profits or gain. These are some f the relevancy of accounting outsourcing companies. To combat the vacuum that lack of accountability can cause, small businesses and large companies too are pushed to hire outsourcing companies.

The need for accounting outsourcing companies

There are different reasons for employing accounting outsourcing companies and they are:

• Lower capital cost: Because accounting outsourcing companies makes use of their hardware and software, the leasing company is free from such expenses. Example is the use of Quickbooks accounting software for the accounting job. Apart from this, other expensive infrastructures that will be required to do the job are borne by the companies and not their clients. This leads to lower cost and encouraging savings.

• Reduced management problems: Employing and controlling or management of accounting personnel is removed along with the huge remuneration and compulsory incentives that comes with it. Accounting outsourcing companies only charge small rates per jobs delivered. No extra charges are expected from the clients.

• It saves time: Outsourcing companies executes jobs on time and without delays

Outsourcing enabling companies to focus on other key company issues thus enabling them to zero on their primary strength and competencies in handling those vital jobs. Outsourcing indeed has its own merits and demerits but the merit far outweighs the disadvantages. For instance the disadvantages of outsourcing are the likelihood of the accounting outsourcing companies going out of business. Although this may be a disadvantage, it is however not a major one because there are many other companies out there, all that is required is to change to the other. Also, you can avoid this occurrence by hiring base on company's good client base, capital base and length of establishment.

Another possible disadvantage is the cost. Sometimes, outsourcing may be expensive but such times are far in-between and nothing compared to maintaining a professional accounting staff. Accounting outsourcing companies are established and positioned to resolve a company's numerous accounting issues, cheaply and professionally. So companies especially small ones who can not afford to hire accountants or may not have the formal knowledge to keep proper accounting records can outsource their accounting jobs.

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