Affiliate Marketing Beginners – 2 Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash With Your Affiliate Articles

Good affiliate articles offer affiliate marketing beginners two completely different ways to make extra cash. One way, you are increasing your audience and your income; the other way, you are doing that PLUS you are making valuable links within your niche community. Here's how it works.

What you will need:

  • a collection of your own, original, high quality affiliate articles
  • a little moxie, as they use to say in the Bronx where I grew up

Step 1: Your articles

If you are not in the habit of writing for your niche, it's time you started. This is an essential way to make money and build your reputation. This is especially true for affiliate marketing beginners.

Step 2: Publish to the top five or six directories ONLY

Most article directories do not draw much traffic. There are well over a thousand article directories on the net in English alone, and most of them are "junk" directories. Stay away from mass submissions to hundreds of sites; stick with the top few.

Step 3: Contact the leading blog owners in your niche

Now you repurpose your affiliate article by offering a fresh, re-written version of your work to any of the top bloggers in your niche community. These people are constantly on the hunt for good content, and often tire of the daily chore of turning out fresh work themselves.

So, by offering a fresh article to someone else, you are providing a valuable service, and you are publishing your affiliate links in a new environment.

Doing this takes a little guts, but you can do it. You may get rejected, and if you are, look for another "taker". If your stuff is good enough, you may find yourself becoming a regular guest blogger on other peoples' sites.

It is essential that you re-write 100%; otherwise the blog posting is competing with the article directory where you originally published. The idea is to increase your exposure, not compete with your own work!

Bonus tip: An even more audacious way to practice this method is to look not just for blog owners, but list owners. List owners, like blog owners, need content, and are not always up to the task of writing it themselves. So, why not offer your affiliate articles to list owners? A good article broadcast to a targeted list of thousands can get you massive customer traffic, and is one of the simplest, easiest ways for you to make extra cash.

And that's all for today: two simple ways to make extra cash by recycling affiliate articles, suitable for both pros and affiliate marketing beginners.

Source by Gene Jimenez

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