Affiliate Marketing Versus CPA Marketing – What is the Best Choice For Me?

There has been a big debate lately on which form of marketing is the easiest and most profitable way for the average person to make money online and we are going to take a look at both sides.

The reason CPA marketing has become so popular is because it allows you to earn money by generating leads for your CPA network, this can be something simple as an email submission or a zip code submit. The commission earned may be small but the fact that the visitor doesn’t have to pull out their credit card and make a purchase makes converting a visitors a lot easier to do.

With Affiliate Marketing typically you will only be paid a commission once a visitors makes a purchase and becomes a customer but what you earn may be higher than promoting CPA offers. Also there is the benefit of earning money on reoccurring billing if the customers purchases something like a monthly membership so the potential of earning is huge, combine that with being able to promote digital and physical products makes Affiliate Marketing a very powerful business model to follow.

Now with CPA Marketing there are ways to earn huge amounts of commissions by promoting free trial offers where the customers may only need to pay for shipping and handling yet you will earn a hefty commission for generating that lead. The best part about promoting CPA offers is probably the fact that 90% of all the offers don’t require the visitor to make a purchase and only require them to fill out a form, if you can master persuading visitors to take action this way you can become very wealthy promoting CPA’s.

If you want to be successful online I suggest you implement both forms of marketing as you will soon find that depending on the niche you are targeting it’ll be a lot easier to find a offer that you can promote for your niche by having the ability to go through various offers in your Affiliate and CPA networks and picking the best one that will suit your niche instead of limiting yourself by having only a few choices.

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