Discover 6 GREAT Ways to Invest in Yourself

If money can earn money, can time earn time? You only live a life for age 18, 28, 38, 48 and 58 once. Do you make any investment to yourself? Please remember that your future is your best investment.

Do you sit down and think about what is your goals? Do you want to get promoted? Do you want to make multiple source of income? Do you want to start your own business? Do you want to get fit? Do you want to live healthier? Once you know what you want and where you are, its easier to figure out where you want to be. Start developing your business plan now and work it through. Why now? Because you can not afford to take the risk, you are not immune from job loss, you are not immune to recession, high inflation and laid-off. Investing in yourself is a great way to build up a Plan B if or when you find yourself looking for new ways to pay the bills and support your lifestyle. If you do not know how to spend time for yourself, it is possible others will spend your time for you.

However is not too late, here's 6 ways to rediscover investing in yourself:

1) Eat healthy and exercise to get fit – Health / Fitness

The first thing to invest in yourself is health and fitness. Without them you would not be able to do the rest of the things. Your energy level is largely based on the amount of exercise and what you eat. Eat nutritious food and easy to find food diet for your health. Where else exercising gives you a healthier body because after exercise your brain releases some chemicals to make you feel alert and feel good mood.

Your Rewards for Health / Fitness:

  • Improved energy, strength, endurance, health and body fitness.
  • Feels confident with a better body image.
  • Stay out from illnesses and disease.

2) Reading more books and enroll in seminar / course – Knowledge / Skills

"Knowledge is power" – You will not waste time reading books, quit watching television and start reading. Reading more books make you more expertise and know more. Make yourself read a book a month. "Upgrade your skills" – Education is very important if you would like to stay competitive, you should be a life-long student. Invest in yourself taking courses to learn a second language, a Master's degree, professional certificate or joining like minded seminar or class.

Your Rewards for Knowledge / Skills:

  • Enhanced your creativity and generate more ideas for further benefits.
  • Explore and rediscover your ability towards what you needs and want.
  • Confident and stay competitive in others areas of life and sometimes you can do more that what you are now.

3) Do more charity and meditation to feel good – Morals / Emotions

Do you believe that the more you give the more you will receive, give a hand to someone that needs help, either monetary or expertise. I am sure you will feel good and will receive more than what you give. In fact, you are not just feeling good but learning yourself a life long friend.Have you thought of meditating for just 10 minutes a day? If you are feeling disturb either emotionally stress. Get yourself meditating and is a proven method to keep your mind at rest and you will see things clear after the session.

Your Rewards for Morals / Emotions:

  • Stay happy most of the time.
  • Understand your emotions and keep you focused on the goals you want to achieve.
  • Cultivate good attitude being a positive soul mate that everyone love to be friend with.

4) Spend time with family to stay happiness – Family / Spouse

While eager pursuit of your goals, you may sometimes feel something is out on your way and you may feel pretty bad about it, negativity came in and sometimes could be overwhelming. You should get rid off all this negativity and charging up positivity by spending time with family because it takes away the negativity and brings in the happiness.

Your Rewards for Family / Spouse:

  • Improved family and spouse relationship.
  • Avoid misunderstanding through better communication and feels happiness and closeness as 1 family.

5) Start personal finance and investment for wealth – Investment / Finances

Get out of debt, start planning your personal finance and start your investment portfolio and let money work for you. Find new idea and generate multiple source of income from the idea, in today's world, it may be hard to survive only on 1 income source. Spending small amount of time daily to for your personal finance will get your hard work pay tremendously.

Your Rewards for Investment / Finances:

  • Cultivate habits of budgeting and smart spending.
  • Stay out of debt, give your passion to generate multiple source of income.
  • Improved financial IQ leading towards financial independent.

6) Networking and get support from your community – Society / Community

The power of 1 mind is limited, you need to get more like minded mate to give you strength and support. Self-improvement can be built on your relationship with other people to share their views and to get advise / support from someone who has already been there and you can avoid the common pitfalls and save you time to go through once again. Spend time and keep in touch with friends and strangers will give you a big difference in pursuing your goals.

Your Rewards for Society / Community:

  • Stay out common pitfalls and gain important information you may have missed out.
  • You can get emotional support and help when you needs – mentoring, masterminding.
  • Improved social skills and leverage your friends for encouragement and ideas.

Source by Kenn Goh

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