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Do you know how to find the best business opportunity for you? There are many ways you could set out to discover the best business opportunity for you. I chose to create a strategy that would be both effective and efficient. Of course. But it would also have to start in the right place, namely with the person, such as yourself, for which it is supposed to be the best opportunity. The strategy also had to leverage my 16 years of executive level business consulting knowledge and experience. Here are the 5 steps I took:

1. Describe the life I want to live (my lifestyle design)
2. Based on my lifestyle design, distill the personal criteria that are relevant to business opportunities
3. Add business criteria to the list of personal criteria
4. Score the various types of business opportunities against all the criteria. Select the best type only
5. Score individual opportunities that fall into the best scoring type of business. Select the best one.

Now because everyone is unique, you might expect each person's lifestyle design to be unique too. As a consequence what is the best business opportunity will differ from one person to another. So strictly speaking, when I traded out my strategy I was looking for the best opportunity for me. True, but consider some of the personal criteria that I judged the opportunities against:

1. Work from home (stop commuting to and from work, in order to create more time for things I like)
2. Work part time and flexible hours (so that I can finally plan my work around my family instead of the other way around)
3. Enjoy a much higher income (mine used to be around US $ 30'000 per month, but I want more in order to give back more)

The above criteria are so general and desirable in nature that they appeal to many people, possibly also you. Here is the best opportunity I found for myself, could well be the best one for a significant number of people. Now it took me 6 weeks of in-depth research to find the best one. You can have a look at the opportunity I found to be the best one for me. You'll find it at:


Check it out for yourself! More details on the individual steps and the main results of my research will be published in upcoming articles.

Source by Eric Limburg

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