How To Write An Executive Summary For a Business Plan

When it comes to writing a successful business plan one of the first things the people look is your executive summary. If you are pitching your business plan to venture capitalists, banks or potential investors you want to make sure that your executive summary captures their attention and gives them motivation to read on beyond the first page. If your executive summary is not well written how can you expect investors to be motivated to read the rest of your business plan?

The first step in how to write an executive summary for a business plan is to understand what the purpose of your executive summary is. The purpose of your executive summary is to quickly and briefly summarize the detailed sections of the business plan the potential investor is about to read.

The next step in how to write an executive summary for a business plan is to quickly summarize the goods and services that your new business venture will provide clients. Be clear and concise because if you can’t quickly write it in a few sentences or less how do you expect investors to have enough confidence to loan you money?

The next step in how to write an executive summary for business plan is to lay out your prospective customer base. Banks and investors not only want you to know exactly what your business is that you need to be just as concise when identifying who will be your customers. If you can’t identify who is going to buy your product or services how can you expect banks and investors to loan you money to sell to somebody you don’t even know exists or can properly identify.

The next step is to concisely layout a list all of your businesses management personnel. Be sure to include the previous experience of each top-level executive and a brief summary of what they have to offer the new business venture.

The next step for a business plan is to summarize the company’s objective. In this segment you should include your projections for sales for the first three years of your business and layout all projected an anticipated business and personnel costs. Give solid reasoning for how you plan to meet your business goals.

The final step is to state your mission. Write your mission statement clearly so that it helps potential banks and investors visualize your goals and objectives for your proposed business venture..

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