It's In The Relationship

Of course, you know if you have a business of any kind- you will deal with people in some capacity … whether it be indirectly or directly. The key to building your business will be mostly in the relationship you have with your clients. For a more friendlier note, let's think of your clients as your valued friends.

Clients / Friends will link to you providing you have something that will benefit them, whether it be a "need" or simply a desire. If they happen to find out about your services / products and need what you have, they might first inquire about your service / products through your contact information. During the initial phase of contact with your clients; They are evaluating your service by your ability to connect, degree of concern, willingness to help-to provide resources if need be, also your ability to value and understand them. They will feel a deep connection of faith and trust by you listening to them and not appearing / sounding desperate or "pushy" with your information.

Once, they have an established decision to do business with you, they will most likely feel more satisfied by an on-going show of your appreciation. Here are a few tips to establish a better relationship with your clients:

1) You could send them a Thank You Card, for allowing you to service them.

2) You could send them a birthday greeting, if you have their email. There are many beautiful electronic greetings to choose from and some companies offer freebies.

3) Automate and set up Alerts so your customers will automatically hear from you, periodically.

4) You might even offer them something free (Let them "test drive" a new product or service for free).

5) Offer them a small referral fee for any referrals they send to you. If this is not feasible for you to do just remember to thank them for any free referrals.

6) Think outside the box, around the holidays- take time and personally call your clients up to give a 2 minute verbal greeting … of course if you have a larger client list- you could automate a recorded
message instead. Make sure you do the records to personalized-do not use friends / family. This
is a personal greeting from YOU.

7) Send out newsletters or mail to give important updates on your products / services.

8) Start an online customers suggestion box. Display a visual box if you deal directly with your customers

9) Send out questionaires to gather insight on how to form a defect relationship with your customers.

10) Always be polite and show that glow of "human warmth". If you have anyone assisting you
in your business; It is very important to drill them on relationship building as well.

The key factor is to build a long lasting relationship with your clients to show you really do appreciate them as your clients and your friends. They will develop a sense of loyalty due to your kindness, warmth and efficiency of great servicing.

Source by Beverly S.

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