Jumpstart Your Business – Tips for Network Marketing Success

Jumpstart your business this autumn.

With summer wearing off and the scent of fall sneaking in, you may be thinking it is time to jumpstart your business again.

It may take some effort to kick back into high gear…

My family and I recently returned from our yearly beach vacation, and I had to pause and think: “What do I do first?” I decided to just pick two things on my list to get done. This got me unstuck and, would you believe it – soon the sound of the waves faded and I was back in business mode!

All businesses have cycles and seasons, and the MLM industry is the same. Generally, summer tends to slow down in network marketing. This is not a rule, though – this August my company had their second best month EVER, and my own organization expanded significantly over the summer.

If your business didn’t expand this summer, don’t worry. You planted seeds, and now those seeds will bear fruit in the coming months. In fact, the most successful season in the network marketing industry is autumn through Thanksgiving. You certainly have the opportunity to make the rest of the year super lucrative. NOW is your chance to do it.

Take these tips to jumpstart your business this fall:


Set goals for yourself regarding what you will achieve in the next three months. How many new business builders will you have? How many teams will you be working with by December? How many people will be on autoship by Christmas? What rank advancement will you toast to on New Year’s Eve?


Here is your task for the next 90 days: Prospect, network, meet new people, and call the people you know. Connecting with five to ten people each day will get what you want! Make sure you connect voice-to-voice with at least two of those people each day – it will make a huge difference.


With the Internet today, we have more opportunities to connect with people than ever before in history. However, the Internet is not the only sandbox you are going to play in. That would be leaving far too much on the table. Some Internet marketers put down in-person marketing. The truth is, all of it can work, yet having a team in your own backyard is the best way to get this started.

You can be a thriving success locally, nationally, and internationally. Keep in mind, though, your LOCAL area is the easiest place to get traction, especially if you are new.


An excellent approach to jumpstart your business locally is to create a game of Round Robin. Generate a series of parties – start at your house, then someone in your downline, then someone else. Rotating from living room to living room will jumpstart your business and put your area on the map. Your hometown can be the place that has the party happening every night. If you are the first distributor in your town, take advantage of it! You can be the top-earning leader your town deserves.


Think of the internet and social networking as complements to what you are doing locally with face-to-face meetings and house gatherings. Use Facebook to keep in contact with your local connections. If you prefer LinkedIn, build relationships with people in your town.

For my team, I’m creating a hybrid system, which combines the best of the online and in-person approaches. Our online hub has our calendar of opportunity webinars, a list of upcoming team meetings, and training downloads, to name a few.

So, are you committed to jumpstart your business?

Take real action over the next three months. Your activities for the rest of the year will indeed jumpstart your January as well!

Share your comments below. What will you do to jumpstart your business?

Source by Kathleen Deggelman

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