SLA Driven Server Support and Server Management for Your Small Business

Small businesses have been left out of the enterprise game for all this time for their IT Management needs. Server Support and Server management have been areas well catered to the large companies who have had the muscle and infrastructure to setup best-in-class support. Well, that is changing now. Small and Medium size businesses form a large chunk of the IT management pie and everyone from vendors, value added resellers, and system integrators are going after that pie.

Companies of all sizes can get the same level of server support and server management that is available to their larger peers. Every part of the IT management cycle is now covered well for the small and medium businesses.

The first aspect around IT Management covers network monitoring. There are dozens of vendors offering enterprise grade network monitoring solutions for the small company segment, going from a single server to many servers, many of them also being cloud based services not requiring up-front investments. The pay as your go model and small cost to deploy this small business makes it a great value-add for businesses to pro-actively monitor their networks. There are also service providers that provide monitoring as a service, who will also help setup the monitoring according to industry best practices and ensure that the monitoring is effective.

The second aspect covers the helpdesk. Again, many companies offer suitable pay as you go helpdesk software which can be customized to the small business' requirements without much upfront investment. Companies like Spiceworks offer this as a free of cost service. There are also many helpdesk service providers who charge by the user count or device count and can provide 24×7 end user helpdesk support. Again this is low entry cost, and makes a lot of sense for the small business community.

Lastly, there are system integrators, who can provide the entire gamut of Managed IT Services from monitoring to maintenance, 24×7 support, helpdesk, asset management, server support, server management etc. Most of these companies charge by the server or device and can provide support for as little as a single server all the way up.

Source by Vikram Khanna

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