Startup Businesses to Consider in this Economy

The current economic conditions have caused entrepreneurs to approach start ups with a renewed perspective. Gone are the days of mom and pop style restaurants, used car dealerships and grocery stores. The most lucrative new businesses are vastly different from these popular favorites of old. These exciting start ups offer the promise of financial gain, return on investment, and opportunities to grow by leaps and bounds.

E-Commerce – Retail With No Overhead Costs

Buying and selling goods online is one of the safest start up industries in the current economy. Online resources like Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist make it fast and easy to choose any product and sell it online. Some of these websites even enable users to list their business or product and services in a business directory or product catalog, track inventory, network with customers and do their taxes at the end of the year.
Whether you want to specialize in antique furniture or cell phones, e-commerce is among one of the leading business opportunities. One of the best benefits of this industry is that most people have the option to work from home. This saves on major overhead costs typically associated with retail selling, such as commercial rent, utilities, and labor expenses.

Healthcare – With No Medical Degree Required

The healthcare industry will never cease to grow and prosper. This does not mean you need to run out and apply to medical school. It does mean that there are many exciting complimentary business opportunites that you could pursue. Medical billing services are in high demand, as are medical transcription services, and home healthcare businesses. These are completely viable start up industries that you can easily learn how to master. Business industries related to the medical field are certain to grow and prosper because of the growing demand and are they are also recession resistant.

Business Process Outsourcing – With Less than $5000 in Capital Needed

One of the most promising startup opportunities is business process outsourcing. Examples of business process outsourcing companies include call centers, answering services and payroll services. These types of businesses take on responsibilities for other prospering businesses. This means that you can capitalize on the earnings and success of others while providing valuable business services.

Business process outsourcing is unique because you can build and maintain relationships across a variety of industries. In an era where every business is looking for ways to streamline their costs, business process outsourcing is an industry high in demand.

Sales Lead Generation with Expertise

Internet Marketing is growing by leaps and bounds as far as start up industries are concerned. Individuals with expertise in all different fields are reaping rewards by sharing knowledge and skills with others. This is a very special industry that affords flexibility and freedom that is unparalleled. Working as a internet marketing consultant, search marketing consultant or web design consultant are just a few ways that you can get into one of this industry. There is even a demand for highly specialized consultants in areas like sales and business development to help companies generate qualified sales leads in this market.

Creating your business during tough economic times requires tact and diplomacy. Choosing the right business to begin with can alleviate a number of economic difficulties for aspiring entrepreneurs. Explore non-traditional start up industries for a more promising future during these difficult economic times.

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