Successfully Advertising Online

Advertising online.

It is getting bigger and bigger. With so many businesses converting to the internet and so many people now making money online, advertising online has become a HUGE business. Everyone is fighting for top spots of search engines through SEO and buying spots with google. There are so many ways to advertise online nowdays. So which methods are effective? I will show you what has worked for me.

The first method I use is opt-in e-mailing with a group mailer. An opt-in list is a group of people that it is LEGAL to e-mail without it being considered spam. With opt-in mailing it is possible to e-mail up to 4 MILLION people a day. How about that for advertising. All with the push of one button.

So what is effective for me? My biggie is myspace. Now myspace has over 100 million members. You can find very effective methods of myspace advertising in the link at the bottom of my page.

Having a domain web site (a .com, .org, .net, etc.) is very very important these days. It gives you so much more credibility than a no name link with a bunch of numbers and letters in it.

The saying goes, if you build it they will come. That is not necessarily true for the internet. You must build it and then you must advertise like crazy. It takes a little while to get to where you want to be but with consistent work you can get to the top.

For a great article on advertising with links to products and very helpful tips and tricks I recommend []. If you use their methods (especially the myspace one and opt-in emailing one) you will make money. My money has doubled since I took his advice on those two things. Well good luck on your advertising people!


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