The Best IT Technician Jobs to Have During a Recession

Times are tough. And for computer support professionals, finding IT Technician jobs has only gotten tougher.

It’s no wonder though, is it? After all, companies that are in need of IT support for their computer networks are on the hunt for more affordable ways to maintain their systems than ever before. And outsourcing the management of the network, particularly for small businesses, is a more affordable and attractive option than any other.

That’s why I say… If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, and become the outsourced IT solution that so many small businesses are searching for now. If you’re out there investigating the IT Technician Jobs that are available to you, I’d say the best one you can land is to become your own boss and start your own computer consulting business.

I know plenty of IT Technicians that would love to jump at the opportunity to become their own boss and support their own base of small business clients. Why wouldn’t they? You set your own hours, you have no boss looking over your shoulder, you can’t get fired or laid off, you have no limits on your growth potential (as you can install and learn any new technologies that you want to install for your clients) and you get to work with a variety of companies, keeping the work day varied and interesting.

But I also know that the main fear that keeps computer techs from taking a shot at fulfilling the dream of starting a consulting business of their own is not knowing how to go about finding the clients needed to ensure a steady, recurring income.

Well, to ensure an income you can count on, it’s important that when you start your own computer business, that you support your clients on a managed service model. This way, you’re able to charge clients a flat, monthly fee for the majority of the services you provide, which would include round-the-clock network monitoring and remote support of the users.

The utilities available today that allow a computer consultant to provide these services are incredibly affordable, and in some cases, even free!

So, once you’re set up on the proper managed service model of support, you can charge small businesses a fair, competitive rate for your services that you can count on receiving on a set date each and every month.

By following this model, it’s very easy to achieve a full time income supporting a client base as tiny as four small business clients, which can be maintained in as little as two hours a day. Hard to dispute that this is one of the most desirable IT Technician jobs any computer tech with network administration skills could ask for.

I’ve put together a series of videos that describes in exact detail how to start a computer business on the correct managed service model and how to acquire the entire client base needed to ensure a steady, permanent income in just 60 days or less. You can access the entire video series for free, by visiting my website, referenced below.

Source by Robert Peretson

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