The Top 5 Ways to Know What Money to Invest, And Where to Invest It

There are plenty of sources that one gets his money from and also there are plenty of places too where one can invest in. No matter from where one is drawing one's money, one should be careful of the place one is investing in. Not all the places can offer the desired results but only a few can. A careful and an in-depth research of the area for the money to invest in can deliver more precise results.

Also, the money can be in various forms: cash in the bank accounts, bonds, stocks / shares and several others. All these forms are also considered as popular forms of money to be invested in. According to the experiences collected from the experiences of many successful investors, the following five are the TOP 5 places where one can consider investing one's money:

1. Saving money in the bank: This is the safest and the most secure form of savings and investments. Set aside some percentage of your monthly income and consider that money to invest in the banks as "investments". Depending upon the term of investment, either long or short, some money is offered to you as a percentage profit. Be sure you select the right bank for your investments.

2. Bonds: Bonds too, are the popular form of investments. These are offered both by the government companies and by several private companies as well. Bonds are feasible only if you do not have any immediate need of money-at least for a certain period of time.

3. Certificate Deposits: Certificate Deposits are the other popular form of investments. These deposits almost work similar as 'Bonds' do, but with a slight variation in terms of name and operation. No matter what the external factors are, the rate of interest offered to you for Certificate Deposits is the same over the agreed period of time.

4. Stocks / Shares: Stocks and shares are the other popular forms of investments for your money to be invested in. One can purchase some shares in a company and watch them grow. This is similar to buying a part of the company. Select a company that has long term stability and that has a strong share value in the market. The returns that the shares give are simply overwhelming as they give you a tremendous increase in your investments. Also be aware of the pitfalls as well as there is no other form of investment that is as volatile as the share market.

5. Partner a prospective company: This is considered an efficient form of multiplying your investment, provided everything goes well. Returns can not be expected overnight but it takes some period of time to see your profits. A prospective company need not necessarily be a "giant" in the market. Watch the companies that have evolved in the recent past and select one that you think has the stability to make its impact in the market. Partner with it by considering your money to be invested in it while the company is still in its initial stages. When it gets big, your returns too will be 'big'.

Of the above five, the first three are considered to be the safe and secure ways of investing your money as they produce guarantee results but the returns they produce are less when compared to the latter two. Though these are not the all, they are considered the best in securing your future, if you have the money to invest, you have the ways to secure your future !!

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