Why Choose Bookkeeping Over Accounting Services and What Does It Cost?

A bookkeeper may be a perfect fit for you, but I would talk first with an accountant and see what they recommend (a good CPA should tell you if a bookkeeper makes more sense for you – even if it means giving part of the work away). Consumers are seeing more and more outsourcing of work on the internet every week. Therefore, bookkeeping can play an important role in the efficient running of a business by making sure the bills are paid on time and the correct amount is paid and not paid twice. Similarly, a business needs to keep track of cash and cheques received from customers. Generally, all these things are the concern of bookkeeping.

Accounting builds on the bookkeeping information, interpreting it, compiling reports, year-end accounts, taxes, budgeting and carrying out financial analysis. Often an accounting firm will out-source bookkeeping duties to qualified bookkeepers (at a cost), as they are not prepared to handle the tedious day-to-day transaction or adjustments. Accounting fees can be several hundred dollars per hour – so save your money for when you need an accountant’s expertise – utilize the affordable rates a bookkeeping service offers so you will feel confident, secure and in control of your business.

  • Simple
  • Straightforward
  • Clear

…but NOT more than you need with a friendly and flexible approach.

Price ranges vary, however the following is considered to be a fair quote:

  • For a Regular Bookkeeping Service from $25/hr
  • For Training Sessions from $30/hr
  • For Ongoing Quarterly Bookkeeping preparation prices start from $150/Qrtr

A bookkeeper will be able to see a correlation between what your business provides and what the market wants. As the business owner, your bookkeeper should be asking you this question, “How do you want to utilize your bookkeeper – are you looking to simply maintain the integrity of your books – or do you believe all businesses are looking for ways to research and seek out potential clients which will stimulate business and ultimately cash flow?”

Source by Patricia Konechny

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